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Random Thoughts : “Public figure and Muskan”

                Everyone has their own perspectives of looking different things so I have my own perspectives of looking things that people may or may not like and I even don’t think that everyone should agree with my perspectives and have the same perspectives. And one cannot force someone other to do the same but I have my rights to express my opinion and that might bring at least some change. Maybe among nearly 2k friends in facebook and some new people through this article .They all might not go through this or even these might be out of their interest or this might be against their perception.

               But now coming to the point. Recently, I had attended an event where a great hero, Acid Attack Surviour and a great inspiration among many child and people, a 14 year old girl was Chief Guest which was one of the best part of the program that I have ever attend. And listening to her story, We all youths and children are really inspired because we all people want to look beautiful than others and have a lots of complains with life. Why this to me????? Why I am so unlucky????? Especially I am the girl who is most of the time- like Why I am so ugly than others in my family, friends, Why I have a dark complex than my sisters and mother, Why I have stretch marks in my body where my mother and sisters don’t have any marks in their , Why there is marks of burn in my leg and that has made my feet looks little different and make me feel little low confidence. Why? Why? And When we came to know about the girl like her then we all get inspired that there is nothing on looks and nothing like The word “BEAUTIFUL” And “PERFECTION”. But one thing really make me think about them and other public figure. There was two people who is a public figure and motivation to many people this is why they were there to inspire youths. One was a 14 year old girl, Muskan Khatun and Another was Miss Nepal World 2019, Anuskha Shrestha. Just looking and comparing them I feel like it is very hard to be a public figure and they can’t even attend the event normally like we do. Like everyone want to have photograph with them and they want Single Photo with them. Anushka Didi is a prominent public figure for which she has aimed to and have struggle to won Miss Nepal. Whereas Muskan was as normal as us and one incident changed her life and the way she stand up for herself and the way she is doing is just great but I was just looking them throughout the time when we were out for breakfast and lunch and everyone was clicking a single photos and some are clicking more than 3/4 photos and I was looking and noticing them and those people who came to her to click photos. Like Muskan and Anuskha Didi always have to smile for the photographs and Yes smiling, being happy is good for health but Are they really Happy? Because One can’t hold a smile all the time especially when they are having pain. And I have seen a lot of celebrity that they don’t click much photograph with more people they just pass by and take some photos only. while they were on the stage they always have to hold a smile and Look her and there at the camera as there were 3-4 camera.

                 May be I am wrong but I feel that they might not that much happy and Especially Muskan, I think She is not getting the normal life back that she has to. She stayed in hospital for about 70-80 days and her life totally changed. I know it is really good to support other and get inspired by their story but make sure that they might not get comfortable and happy all the time clicking photos with so many people. And People like her and other who have been victim and survivor from some fearful incident that we can’t even imagine are still not getting normal life. Those people are real Warriors and they have really done great to stand up for themselves.Also i would like to thanks Ujjwal Thapa sir for being such a kindhearted to those people in need . Let us think altogether and work together that all of those survivor may back into their normal life and try to uplift their dreams .
                                                                                      (Writter is president of Kathmandu District Childclub Network)

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